The Digital Bros Game Academy is a talent “accelerator”, whose mission is to identify and train a new generation of talent for the digital entertainment industry, helping them garner the necessary skills to become job ready and enter the job market.

In fact, the DBGA courses are designed to enable people with a keen passion for digital entertainment to acquire the skills needed to start their career in the industry as  Game Designer, Game Programmer, 3D Game Artist or Concept Artist.

The Digital Bros Game Academy applies a hands-on approach, that is, hands-on, practical, collaborative and engaging. Through this approach we are able to train “job ready” professionals who can aspire to real employment opportunities or to start their own independent business.

The DBGA offers its students:

  • Access to the Digital Group’s over 30 year experience in the industry ad their capabilities, competencies and network of software houses
  • Academic rigour and industry best-practice
  • A learning environment that replicates the dynamics of a real software house

With this approach, the Academy aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Foster our students’ growth, working alongside them to transform their passion into a career
  • Strive to close the skills gap and prepare job ready professionals for the industry
  • Work closely with our students and alumni, offering them the necessary assistance to find their first job in the market