The present Privacy Policy outlines the way in which this web site processes and uses the personal data of its users and visitors

The Privacy Policy is in accordance with the data protection and privacy act, Art. 13 del D. Lgs 196/03 and refers to all users and visitors to the Digital Bros Game Academy website at the following address; The Policy only refers to the fore mentioned web site and not to any other web site to which the user/visitor may be directed via any links on the Digital Bros Game Academy website. The web site is the exclusive property of, and managed solely by, Digital Bros Game Academy S.r.l. Digital Bros Game Academy S.r.l. guarantees the respect of personal privacy in accordance with decree (D.Lgs 196/03)  and the Digital Bros Group’s Code of Ethics. All users and visitors to the website should carefully read the present Privacy Policy before submitting any type of personal information and or filling out and submitting any forms included on this website.

What type of data is processed and why?

1) Internet Navigation Data

The computer systems and software procedures responsible for the functioning of this web site automatically retain certain personal data which is then implicitly transmitted by the operating protocols involved in internet communication. The nature of this data when associated to, or elaborated with, other data already held by third parties enables the user/ visitor to be identified (for example, IP address, the names of domains previously used by the user/visitor who enters the website etc.) This data is utilised for statistical purposes (and is therefore anonymous) and to ensure the correct functioning of the website, after the data has been elaborated it is automatically deleted. The user’s personal data is, however, not conserved for more than seven days unless an act of cyber crime is being investigated.   No personal data gathered by the website will be shared or disseminated.

2) Data provided voluntarily by users/visitors

In the event that users or visitors, by entering this web site, submit any personal data in order to access specific services or by making email enquiries, Digital Bros Game Academy will automatically come into possession of the sender’s email address and other personal data. This data will be processed exclusively for the purpose of responding to the users request, that is, to provide the service requested by the user. The personal data provided by users or visitors will only be shared with third parties if this is necessary for the users/visitors request to be satisfied.



What are “cookies”? In order to make your visit to our website more functional for the viewing of our products and services, we use cookies. Cookies are small text files registered in the temporary memory of your browser, and therefore in your computer, for a variable period of time, ranging from a few hours to several years, depending on the type of cookie.  Profiling cookies are an exception, they generally have a maximum duration of 365 days.

With the aid of cookies, it is possible to semi-permanently register information relating to your browsing preferences as well as other technical information that ensures a more effective and easier navigation of the web site. For example, cookies can be used to determine whether or not your computer has connected to our website in the past, to highlight and provide new information and to conserve your “login” information. As a form of guarantee, only the cookie memorised on your computer will be identified.

Types of cookies. This web site uses four different types of cookies:

  1. Essential technical cookies. These types of cookies are essential for the correct functioning of the website. They enable the pages on the website to be navigated, our content to be shared and login credentials to be memorized so that you can enter the website more quickly as well as maintain your preferences and credentials active for the duration of your navigating session. Without these cookies we would not be able to provide the services offered and which are requested by the user.
  2. Statistical and performance cookies. These cookies enable us to monitor how visitors use our website and, therefore, to be able to evaluate and improve the site so that we can generate content which best meets the needs of the site’s users. For example, they tell us which pages of the site have more visits and those that have fewer visits. They also track, among other things, the number of visitors to the site, the amount of time spent by the average user visiting the site and how the user came to visit the site. In this way, we can understand what features of the site work best and what we need to improve, as well as to be sure that the site’s pages load quickly and are correctly displayed. The data gathered by these cookies is anonymous and not associated to the user’s personal data. In order to perform these functions on our websites we use the services of third parties who, in turn, render the data collected anonymous and in no way retraceable to single individuals (a process known as “single-in”). Any services that are not totally anonymous are listed among the third party cookies and to which it is possible to deny consensus thereby guaranteeing your privacy.
  3. User profiling and advertising or targeting cookies. These cookies are used to provide user specific advertising pertaining to the user’s specific interests. They are also used to limit the number of times a single advertisement is displayed and to measure how effective an advertisement is. These cookies can also follow users as they visit other web sites as well as display advertisements from other web sites previously visited by the user. The cookies that have been set on your browser can evolve and change continuously according to the technical strategies adopted by the advertiser, or its representatives, therefore, rather than list these, where relevant, we provide a list of the companies who advertise on our websites.
  4. Functional and third party profiling cookies. The cookies belonging to this category are those that have been installed by Digital Bros S.p.a.’s partners or by other third parties and, therefore, are not directly controlled, or controllable, by Digital Bros. The cookies installed by our partners enable advanced functions and more detailed personalised information to be offered. Such functions as, for example, the ability to share content on social media networks, to access video streaming services and CDN networks where our content is hosted. These services are mainly provided by external entities engaged by, or knowingly integrated with,  Digital Bros S.p.A.  If users hold an account with or use the services provided by these entities on other websites, these entities may be able to know whether the user has previously visited our websites. The use of data collected through cookies by these external entities is subject to their respective privacy policies, the cookies are identified with the names of the respective entities listed on the cookie management tool available in the specific section of this disclosure statement. The cookies used by the main social media sites and which enable you to share articles appearing on our website or to publicly demonstrate your appreciation of our work, belong to this category. The cookies not installed by Digital Bros S.p.A.’s partners are not controllable by Digital Bros, they are generated by third parties and are able to intercept the user while he or she is navigating not only on Digital Bros’ sites but also on other unrelated web sites. These types of cookies are commonly known as profiling cookies and are beyond the control of Digital Bros who, therefore, cannot guarantee the correct use of the personal data collected.

Managing cookies. If you have doubts or fears about how cookies are used, you can intervene by changing the settings on your browser to disable them, by modifying the privacy settings on your browser, for example, certain types of cookies can be blocked, or you can use the tool we make available in this disclosure statement. Due to the fact all browsers are different, often markedly so, and that many of the same browsers exist in different versions, you may prefer to intervene on the basis of the specific preferences of your browser, you can find detailed information on how to do this in your browser’s information guide. To obtain an overview of how the most widely used browsers function you can visit: to Manage Cookies.  Advertising companies also permit the user to decline to accept targeted advertising. Such a refusal does not impede cookies from being installed but it does stop the gathering and the use of certain types of data by these companies.

For more information on how to block cookies you can visit

Acceptance and refusal of cookies. By entering and navigating on our website, clicking on pages or scrolling from one page to another, users accept the Digital Bros S.p.A.’s Cookie Policy, cookies will therefore be inserted and gathered. In the event that cookies are not accepted by way of abandoning the web site, those cookies that have already been installed locally by your browser will remain but will not be read or used by Digital Bros S.p.A. until, and only if, the user accepts the Cookie Policy at a future time. The user will be able to remove the cookies at any time by following the procedure described in the Managing cookies section above or by using the tool made available by Digital Bros S.p.A.

Acceptance and refusal of consensus to the processing of personal data. Rights pertaining to article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/03 can be exercised by using the form provided under the contact section.

How Personal Data is processed.

Personal data is processed both automatically (electronically) and manually (documentation on paper) and held for the length of time that is strictly necessary for the purposes for which the data was gathered and in strict conformity to existing privacy regulations.

Consent to the collection and processing of data

Further to what has already been outlined regarding navigation data, users of/visitors to our web site are free to provide their personal data. Should they choose not to do so, they may not be able to obtain the services desired from our web site.

Ownership, Responsibility and Interested Parties

Digital Bros Game Academy S.r.l., based in Via Labus 15/3, 20147 Milan is the authorised processor of your personal data. The data collected will be handled exclusively by DBGA employees who have explicitly been authorised and invested with the responsibility to do so by the processor.

Individual’s Rights

Individuals who have provided the DBGA with their personal data have the right, at any time, to access and verify that their personal data is correct, add to it, correct it and also to verify the source in accordance with (art. 7 del D. Lgs 196/03). Individuals also have the right to ask for their personal data to be cancelled, made anonymous or, in the event of a breach of privacy, to block their data and with legitimate reason, in any case, to prevent their data from being processed.