Terms and Conditions of use of the online platform “DBGA Careers”

The present General Terms and Conditions of Contract (hereinafter “Terms and Conditions” or the “General Conditions”) regulate and discipline access to the online platform “DBGA Careers” (hereinafter, the “platform”) and all ‘Use of all the services offered by the “platform itself” and available for students, companies, associations, people and/or in any case institutions (hereinafter the “user”) that have previously registered by filling out the appropriate form on the website www.careers.dbgamecademy.it (hereinafter, the “site”).

Please read carefully “Terms and conditions” prepared by Digital Bros Game Academy S.R.L. with registered office in Via Tortona, 37 – 20144, Milan, with P.IVA n. 08761260960 and registration number to the register of companies Mi- 2514158 (hereinafter, even only “DBGA”).

With the registration to the platform, the user expresses his consent to these Terms and Conditions and to all the provisions governing the use of the platform.

Given that:

  • DBGA is a company that offers professional training specializing in the field of GAME DEVELOPMENT through the provision of intensive full-time courses to become Game Designer, Game Programmer, Concept Artist, 3D Game Artist and other professional figures related to the Game Industry and encourage access to the job market of their students by selecting the best companies and start-ups in Italy and abroad;
  • DBGA has designed and developed the online digital platform accessible from the site that allows the user to interface directly with candidates who have successfully completed the courses organized by DBGA and with the companies;
  • The platform is a tool reserved for the user, which has registered in the mode defined.

The premises, the registration form on the Site are an integral part of the “Terms and Conditions”

1. Terms of use of the platform

1.1 License to use the platform

The DBGA, in compliance with “Terms and Conditions”, undertakes to provide the user with a limited and not exclusive license to use the platform that allows the user to interface directly with the candidates and the companies to be able to evaluate any job proposals. In the use of the platform, the user undertakes to comply with the instructions of use indicated in the “Terms and Conditions”.

1.2 Access of the User to the Platform

In order to be able to access the platform, the user is required to register by providing some personal or company information. It is understood that the specific reading and approval of the general conditions (by means of the appearance of the appropriate box) constitutes an essential activity for the correct completion of the registration procedure and, therefore, of the use of the platform. To complete the registration phase, the user is required to indicate a valid e-mail address and a password, useful for the creation of his own account (hereinafter, the “profile”).

Access to the platform is allowed only through the use of username and password chosen during registration. In particular, the user undertakes to keep the above access alphanumeric codes with the utmost confidentiality and therefore also responds to the custody of the same: the user will therefore be the only responsible for any damage caused by any use of name User and password by unauthorized third parties.

The user undertakes to immediately communicate to DBGA the possible theft, loss, or appropriation by any reason, by unauthorized third parties, of the access credentials. Context and contemporary accesses are not allowed, with the same alphanumeric codes. The service can be used by different stations, but until a user, identified by the “username” code, is located within the platform it will not be possible for other users to enter using the same “username”.

It is made explicit forbids to the user to access the platform through programs or methods other than those officially issued and managed by DBGA; The attempt to violate the safety of the platform constitutes illegal behavior. The user is required to promptly notify the DBGA in the case of unauthorized use of access to the platform and its functions or any safety violation. DBGA is not responsible for any damage or disservices deriving from unauthorized uses of access through the alphanumeric codes assigned to the user.

The user can at any time access his profile to update and change the data entered, including information relating to his preferences. It is understood that the user who has made the registration will be the only responsible for the truthfulness and updating of this information.

In the event that the user does not complete the registration or authentication procedure after providing the e-mail address and/or other data required for registration, the user will receive a limited number of communications that will invite him to conclude the Registration process, without prejudice to the user’s faculty to delete his registration from the site, sending a communication to the following e-mail address careers@dbgameacademy.it with the object “Subscription”.

The user undertakes to provide an e-mail address, of which he guarantees to legitimately arrange and to which he access regularly. The user also undertakes to promptly update his e-mail address recorded on the account in case of variation. The profiles recorded with the e-mail address belonging to subjects other than the user or with temporary e-mail address can be deleted from DBGA without notice. DBGA also reserves the right to validate accounts where it is reason to believe that the e-mail addresses provided are not valid.

DBGA reserves, in its total and unquestionable discretion, to interrupt or suspend access by the user who has duly registered, if he believes that the latter has made a high number of access, possibly also in a small arch temporal or in place conducted and/or behaviors that have or can, even potentially, cause damage (even reputational) and/or nocument to DBGA.

2. Variation of Terms & Conditions

DBGA reserves the right to unilaterally modify the “Terms and Conditions” at any time by updating the version published on the site and it is the responsibility of the user to check the latest updated version of the terms and conditions on the site. The changes to “Terms and Conditions” will be effective from the time of publication on the site. The user can decide whether to maintain or cancel his registration on the platform following the changes made. The use of the platform after the “Terms and Conditions” intervened after the “Terms and Conditions” is to be understood as an express acceptance of the same changes and/or additions by the user himself.

3. Properties of the user data

Owner of the personal data regarding the user is the user itself.

In particular, DBGA undertakes not to sell or make available to third parties, in a partial or total, temporary or definitive lists;

4. Intellectual Property right

All the rights, brands, illustrations, images and logos concerning the DBGA on the site are and remain the exclusive property of the DBGA and are protected by the laws in force on the brands and the related international treaties. The site, the platform and the information contained is owned by the DBGA. The user is therefore authorized to take advantage of the aforementioned content, for exclusively personal use by obliging himself not to distribute, disseminate, dismiss or transfer by any means, even electronic, called content. The unauthorized copy and the diffusion in violation of intellectual property rights is prohibited.

5. Authorization of use of the user materials

The user, with the acceptance of the “Terms and Conditions” expressly authorizes the use by the DBGA of his name, logo, photos and video-graphic materials on the DBGA website for communications for marketing and/or purposes Sponsorship of the activity of the DBGA itself (by way of example through video interviews, press releases, posts on the main social networks) as well as in financial relations or documentation for potential investors.

The use by the user, the logo, commercial name and any other distinctive sign relating to the platform will be allowed to the sole purpose of promoting the use of the platform itself.

6. User obligation

The user undertakes not to use the platform for illegal purposes or not contemplated in the “Terms and Conditions” the user cannot use the platform in order to damage or in any case affect the site or interfere with the use and enjoyment of the site and the platform by other users.

The user is required to preserve the access credentials to his confidential account and is responsible for any use of the platform that is done by anyone who accesses using his credentials. The user undertakes to warn DBGA immediately in case of suspected violation of the safety of his account.

7. Declarations, guarantees and responsabilities

7.1 Declarations between parties

The parties declare that the use of the platform by the user takes place, without any prejudice with respect to the faculties of the DBGA provided for by the previous article 1.2, free of charge or paid in the event of the existence of specific contractual agreements with DBGA in full autonomy and, consequently, the user will be exclusively responsible for it.

The user and DBGA agree that there is no obligation to be paid by any reasons .

7.2 Guarantee of correctness of the user information

The user declares and guarantees that all information provided to DBGA is complete, correct and updated. Authorizes DBGA to exercise all the rights necessary to execute the provisions of the “Terms and Conditions”, to the use of its logos and/or brands for marketing and sponsorship of the DBGA activity.

7.3 Responsibility for user non fulfillment

The user undertakes to keep DBGA in full unscathed and manned from all damages, losses, responsibilities, costs, charges and expenses that the user should suffer, and that would not have been suffered, incurred or requests if the user had fulfilled to the obligations assumed with the signing of these “Terms and Conditions”.

Nothing in this article is valid to limit or exclude the responsibility of any party in the event of willful misconduct or gross negligence, it being understood that the DBGA will in no way be responsible for any malfunction of the platform due to the Internet connections that can result in damage and/or prejudices to the user.

The user takes note and recognizes that the use of the platform will take place independently and that the user will be exclusively responsible for it. The user obliges himself irrevocably to keep the DBGA and his employees and collaborators in full unscathed from any damage or prejudice, both contracting the contractual and non-contractual, which should derive, directly or indirectly, from the methods of use of the platform.

7.4 Defaults for external events

DBGA will not be held in any way responsible for the malfunction of the platform or the impossibility of carrying out accessory services or connected to the use of the platform, such as exemplary but not exhaustive, failures, overloads, interruptions etc…

DBGA undertakes to maintain as far as possible the efficiency and functionality of the platform and the site but cannot be held responsible in the hypothesis in which it should be forced to interrupt its use for exceptional events or deriving from causes outside its own sphere of reasonable control or from causes of force majeure or fortuitous chance or for the necessary maintenance activity.

DBGA will also not be responsible for the behavior or omissions of third parties who comply with the functioning of the platform, including, by way of example and not exhaustive, the slowdowns of speed or the failure to function of the computers that manage the electronic traffic between the user and the platform.

7.5 Third-party services

In the event that the user uses functionality of the platform made available by third parties (including network operators), DBGA will allow access to these features without prejudice that they are subject to terms, conditions and limitations imposed by the related suppliers e that in no case will DBGA be responsible for the failure or incorrect functioning of the same. If the third parties change, suspend or interrupt the disbursement of these features, the user can consequently change, suspend or interrupt access to these services without notification obligation. Further, DBGA will be authorized to suspend the use of the platform that is directly dependent on services offered by these third parties. In any case, the faculty for DBGA remains to make use of different suppliers in order to guarantee the functionality of the platform.

8. Processing of user data

The User acknowledges that the DBGA will process data pursuant to current legislation, and according to what is indicated by EU Regulation 2016/679 and Legislative Decree 101/2018.

9. Applicable law

“Terms and Conditions” and in general the relations between the company and users are regulated by Italian law and must be interpreted in accordance with it.

If one of the clauses of these “terms and conditions”, or any part of the these clauses, for any reason in law is declared by a competent judge (or by an illegitimate, invalid or inapplicable college to any natural or legal person or At any circumstance, this invalidity, illegitimacy or non -applicability, cannot affect any other provision of these terms and conditions (nor any other part of the aforementioned) or the application of this clause to other people and/or circumstances. The parties agree that this invalid, illegitimate or non -applicable clause or the significant part of it must be replaced with other provisions, substantially having the same effect or the effect as close as possible according to the law to that intended by the parties with reference to the specific question and objectives of these Terms and Conditions.

The parties declare that for any dispute should arise about the validity, effectiveness, interpretation and execution of these “terms and conditions” will be subjected to the mandatory and exclusive territorial competence of the Milan Forum.

DBGA and the User obliged, in any case, to preventively experience a preliminary attempt to conciliate referred to in Legislative Decree no. 28/2010, even where not mandatory. The mediation procedure must be established ahead of the conciliation chamber of the Milan Bar Association or other body chosen by mutual agreement between the parties.

With the issue of its final authorization for registration, therefore, the user fully and explicitly approves, without any reserve, these terms and conditions.   

Pursuant to and for the purposes of articles 1341 and 1342 cod. civ., the user declares that he has examined and expressly accepting all the clauses that precede and in particular the clauses referred to in articles 1.2 (user access to the platform), 2 (variations of the T&C), 5 (advertising), 7.3 (Responsibility for the information published), 7.4 (responsibility for the default of the user) and 9 (applicable law and competent forum) of these General Conditions.