1. The Courses

  • Game Design
  • Game Programming
  • Concept Art
  • 3D Game Art

2. Duration

The courses all have a duration of 11 months, approximately 45 weeks, and are made up of classroom lessons, practical exercises, monthly tests, laboratory activities as well as individual and group projects. Students are also required to create a portfolio of projects and to participate at the seminars and workshops organised by the Academy.

3. The Daily Program*

The Academy is open from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm from Monday to Friday. Classroom lessons take place from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm on 3 or 4 days per week. The time and days in which lessons take place are subject to change. During the time in which lessons are not programmed, the Academy remains open to students for laboratory activities, seminars and workshops.

*The daily lesson timetable is subject to possible changes due to the ever evolving COVID-19 situation and any consequent restrictions that may be enforced by the Government. Should it become necessary, part or all of the course will be conducted by remote learning.

4. Campus location

Courses are held at the Digital Bros Academy S.r.l. in Via Giovanni Labus, 15/3 – 20147 – Milan.

5. How to Enrol

Pre-enrolment applications must be made online by filling out the form on the enrolment page and submitting it before the enrolment deadline.

6. Required Documents

To be considered for selection, all applicants must be in possession of the following documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Valid proof of identity document
  • Copy of academic qualification*

*Students who are currently completing their High School Diploma and who have not yet been issued with their diploma are required to submit a self declaration stating this. Applicants who suffer from an existing medical condition are required to submit a supporting document     

 7. Selection Process for admission to courses

A maximum of 90 applicants, spread over the four courses, will be accepted every year. In order to apply for the courses, applicants must have a minimum academic qualification of high school diploma or equivalent. All applications will be carefully evaluated by the Management Committee of the Digital Bros Game Academy S.r.l. All applicants must submit the following:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Motivational Letter
  • Sit an aptitude test
  • Participate in a personal interview with the Core Trainer of their chosen course

To add value to their applications, applicants are encouraged to submit a portfolio of completed projects. Selection is based on a point system and the qualitative evaluation of each applicant. The Management Committee reserves the right not to commence, or postpone, the beginning of courses if the minimum number of applicants is not reached or in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Digital Game Academy S.r.l. will make every effort to confirm the commencement, or communicate the cancelation, of courses with at least 20 days prior notice.

8. Selection Interview

This Interview, which will be entirely conducted as a video conference call, between the applicant and the Core Trainer of the applicant’s chosen course is about “getting to know” the applicant. The interview enables Digital Bros Game Academy S.r.l. to better evaluate the applicant’s interest, determination and aptitude for the course.

9. Structure of the course

The courses are structured in the following way (hours are subject to change):

  • 576 hours of lessons with the Core and Specialist Trainer
  • More than 900 hours of laboratory work
  • More than 30 planned Seminars and Workshops with invited Guest Trainers

The course programs are available for consultation on the respective pages of the web site.

10. Attendance

Attendance to lessons is compulsory.  In order for students to be awarded the SIAM, Società d’Incoraggiamento d’Arti e Mestieri, Certificate of Completion and Attendance they must have a class attendance of at least 85%. The Trainer conducting each lesson will note the student’s absence or presence.  In the event that a student does not obtain the compulsory minimum 85%  of classroom attendance, the Academy Director along with the course Trainer have the right to consider the cause of the student’s poor attendance, or any other factor which may negatively condition the student’s performance, and, if deemed necessary, refer the matter to the Management Committee to make a decision on possible disciplinary measures.

11. Expulsion from the course

The Management Committee has the faculty, according to its own better judgement, to take any measures necessary to guarantee that the course is conducted in the best possible way. In the event of what are considered to be grave situations of misconduct a student may be expelled from the course, examples of such misconduct, are:

  • Defaulting on the payment of course fees
  • Issues of grave misconduct by the student that compromise the proper running of the course
  • Inadequate progress made by the student throughout the course

The decision to expel a student from the course must be agreed upon unanimously by each single member of the Management Committee. In the event that a student is expelled, a maximum of 20% of the total course fees will be reimbursed: Digital Bros Game Academy S.r.l. will withhold the remaining amount to cover all organisational expenses incurred.

12. Course Fees and method of payment

The cost of the course is € 7.000.00 (excluding VAT). The payment of the fee must be made in three instalments:

  • 1st Instalment: 20% of the total fee to be paid on confirmation of acceptance to the course
  • 2nd instalment: 30% of the total fee to be paid at the beginning of the course
  • Final instalment: 50% of the total fee to be paid within 60 days from the beginning of the course

Students are able to apply for a low interest student loan in order to finance the course. For further information contact the Academy secretary.

13. What is included in the course

The course includes the following:

  •  All classroom lessons, practice exercises, tests, laboratory activities, individual and group projects
  • Work stations equipped with all the necessary hardware and software
  • All teaching material and handouts.
  • The opportunity to create a portfolio of projects
  • The preparation of a Curriculum Vitae
  • Meetings with local and international industry professionals
  • Networking events such as seminars and workshops
  • A job placement service

14. Withdrawing from the course

Students who withdraw from the course after having accepted and confirmed their enrolment forfeit their right to be reimbursed for any fees already paid and are also held to pay all outstanding fees in full.

15. Forced cancellation of courses

In the event that courses cannot take place or commence, students will only be reimbursed if the cancellation of the course is imputable to Digital Bros Game Academy S.r.l., in any case the Digital Bros Game Academy S.r.l.’s responsibility is limited to:

  • Reimbursement of fees already paid
  • Prompt notification of the cancellation, or variation, of the course

16. Confidentiality

All students are provided with appropriate hardware and software equipment for the purpose of their chosen course and are also given access to a network of professional contacts within the industry. For the reason that all hardware and software made available to students is the sole property of Digital Bros Game Academy S.r.l. and the know-how acquired by students through the use of this hardware and software, the intellectual property of all projects developed by students throughout the course belongs exclusively to Digital Bros Game Academy S.r.l. as does the right to autonomously manage all projects completed by students. All information, verbal or written, presented to students in the Classroom by teaching staff or guest presenters is highly confidential. All material presented to students is for the sole purpose of learning and can in no way be copied or reproduced other than for strictly educational purposes relating to the course itself.  In accordance with article 13 of legislative decree 30.06.2003 n. 196, all information and personal data provided by students will be stored in the electronic database of the authorised processor at Digital Bros Game Academy S.r.l.  in Via Tortona, 37 – 20144 – Milan. Personal data is processed by Digital Bros Game Academy S.r.l.  in both electronic and written form and may be shared with third parties solely for administrative purposes and to enable course related promotional material to be provided. Only with the student’s express consent will personal data be shared with other third parties and only for the purpose of providing information relating to possible work experience, internship and employment opportunities. In accordance with article 7 of the fore mentioned legislative decree, students have the right to view, correct and cancel personal data as well as to enforce their legal rights by writing to the authorised processor of the data.

17. Scholarships

To apply for a Scholarship you must indicate this in the appropriate field of the pre-enrolment form which will be available when enrolments open for the 2021/22 academic year.  The criteria for obtaining a scholarship are determined solely by the DBGA Management Committee. Applicants who are awarded a Scholarship are exempt from paying part, or the total, of the course fee, depending on whether they have been awarded a partial or full Scholarship. Students who are awarded a Scholarship are expected to frequent their chosen course, in the event that the recipient of a Scholarship withdraws from the course, they are nevertheless held to pay the full course fee.

18. Hardware

All students are provided with a workstation equipped with the necessary hardware and software to complete their course. It is strongly recommended that students have possession of an adequate personal computer to be able to continue their class work as well as work on their individual and group projects at home. In the event that the Digital Bros Game Academy S.r.l. is forced to conduct its courses by remote learning, access to a personal computer is essential.

19. Course Material

The course material provided by the Digital Bros Game Academy S.r.l. is strictly for the student’s personal use and can in no way be copied, reproduced or disseminated. In the event that a student withdraws or is excluded from a course, the Digital Bros Game Academy is not held to provide any course material that has not yet been dealt with at the moment in which the student abandons a course.